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. it's cnn presents cruise to disaster. 8:00 eastern time. some exclusive new images and details. make sure you tune in. >>> top of the hour now. i'm ashleigh banfield. i'm standing in for brooke baldwin. this is one of the hottest 4th of julys on record. it is steaming out there. extreme heat paralyzing much of the midwest and all the way up to the dakotas too. the heat index racing up into the 115s. the death toll from the heat and related storms now reaching 20. the virginias, in particular, having a terrible time. in some cases police are having to hand out ice. hundreds of thousands of people who have not had power since friday since a wave of violent storms hit pretty much at their wits end. lizzie has been following this story. there's a critical problem. west virginia hit the worst and they are talking about water now. water, a serious problem for a lot of people there. >> this is something a lot of people don't think about in the first wave of coverage of a storm. you tend to hear about power loss, but you have a lot of water systems that are running on electricity. a lot of p
years. but according to the records that cnn found, none of that money has gone to direct services for veterans. >> making lots of money off of it. i mean, when you're talking about millions of dollars that people are doing by grabbing money from people who don't have it. >> who believe out of the goodness of their own heart that they are giving money to -- >> the purpose is to try to explain to me why these numbers don't add up. >> cnn has been trying to reach the disabled veterans national foundation off and on for nearly two years. the public relations did return our phone call in 2010 but the manager refused to talk. despite e-mails and more phone calls, our repeated requests for interviews were all denied. >> up to $2 billion is raised in the name of veterans in this country and it's so sad that a great deal, hundreds and millions of dollars are charitable dollars intended to help veterans, is being squandered and wasted by opportunists and individuals and companies that see it as a profit making opportunity. >> daniel runs a charity watchdog group out of this office in chicag
in "cnn newsroom." >> good morning, and happy fourth of july to you too. >>> hot, hot, hot. today could be one of the hottest july fourths ever. that could happen in several major cities. heat, humidity, and thunderstorms will blanket the nation. >>> plus, this. >> just think of how many we got into one sentence. that was really impressive. what wrote this [ bleep ]? >> oh, new york mayor michael bloomberg unplugged at the nathan's hot dog wagon. seems he couldn't stomach the puns, like let me be frank. it's going to be a dog fight. and i'll relish it. it's bloomberg like we've never seen him. >>> also -- >> you can see the sparks flying all over the place. it was raining fire down on us. >> on the frontlines, colorado firefighters taking cnn with them as they fight the fires home by home. the fire chief telling the denver post this morning he knew the fire would happen, that it was a monster ready to awaken and kill. >>> and on this independence day, what's your definition of a hero? our men and women in the military? your mom, your dad? think about it. it's our talk back question of t
really close up an personal. normally you're told to stay away from fire, but cnn invited along with firefighters as they went home by home to battle this monster. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've been years in the making. and there are many years ahead. join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. the lexus ct hybrid. how did the nba become the hottest league on the planet? by building on the cisco intelligent network they're able to serve up live video, and instant replays, creating fans from berlin to beijing. what can we help you build? nice shot kid. the nba around the world built by the only company that could. cisco. i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. >>> we have been reporting
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against the waldo canyon blaze, hoping to gain more ground on their 70% containment. cnn's jim spellman is live in colorado springs, and you have more of the exclusive pictures which are actually pretty frightening to show us. >> reporter: that's right, carol. they are making a lot of good progress against this fire now. but this is our first look really at what it was like up close, fighting this blaze last tuesday when so many homes were destroyed. take a look. the scene in the devastated mountain shadows neighborhood of colorado springs now. but this is what it looked like last week as high winds drove the fire down from the hills. behind the camera, colorado springs fire department videographer steve shoeper. >> you're starting to smell the smoke. and your head is on a swivel. i have sparks raining down all over me. >> reporter: firefighters converged on the scene. they had to quickly determine which homes to defend and which ones were beyond saving while stopping the fire from advancing. >> made that line in the sand and they said, this fire does not get past us. and that's what th
, offer ends soon. >>> a relatively new kind of attack has shaken the homeland security department. cnn intelligence correspondent suzanne kelly is live in wachlt suzanne put in perspective how intense is this threatsome. >> those numbers are up sharply, kyra. remember, this is the number of reported attacks against companies that control things like the power grid, water filtration plants, even nuclear facility. the cyber division reports that reported attacks up significantly since 2009. take a look at numbers. in 2009 there were nine attacks that were reported to dhs. in 2010 4rks 1 reported attacks and just last year the numbers soared as you said, kyra, 198 reports. that doesn't say that every attack was successful. in some case it was determined there was no real threat but there was 17 cases last year where the specially trained teams within dhs known as industrial control systems cyber emergency response teams were deployed to physical locations to investigate these. again, this is what we're talking about. they included the energy sector, those who hasds access to the nuclear f
gupta, cnn, reporting. >> for more on this, watch dr. sanjay gupta on saturday and sunday. you hear stories like that and you wonder how we can let guys like that become homeless. well, it's happening but we do have some positive news. the labor department is award 20g million in grants now to help more than 11,000 former service members land a job and get off the streets. the money's actually going out to various state and local agencies and organizations to fund job training and support various programs. or simply choose another. and it's free. ya know, for whoever you are that day. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. [ male announcer ] we believe small things can make a big difference. like how a little oil from here can be such a big thing in an old friend's life. purina one discovered that by blending enhanced botanical oils into our food, we can help brighten an old dog's mind so he's up to his old tricks. with this kind of thinking going into our food, imagine all the goodness that can come out of it. just one way we're making the world a better p
, take a look at it. >> reporter: but finally he gave cnn the news. >> the supreme court is the final word, right? the highest court in the land? they said it was a tax, didn't they? so it's a tax. that's what they say it is. >> reporter: the main reason the already cautious romney was especially careful here is because the gop message on the mandate is already muddled. earlier this week a top romney advisor said the candidate did not think the insurance mandate is a tax but rather a penalty. what democrats call it. >> the governor believes what we put in place in massachusetts was a penalty. and he disagrees with the court's ruling that the mandate was a tax. >> reporter: that enfuruated republicans in washington for imposing what they call the biggest tax in american history. democrats here shadowing romney's event didn't miss a beat. >> i think people see the president as being a strong leader standing up for his principles and moving forward. we'll let mitt romney argue with himself. >> reporter: romney's news came during a brief bit of independence day action in an otherwise quie
will survive that. what i am trying the do. >> well, suzanne and team cnn, and i could not run to the mailbox and i don't know how they do this. they were among 60,000 runners out there today, and the team's time a speedy 70 minutes is all it took to cross the finish line and would be more like seven days for me. you can hear her laughing in the background. that will do it for me, and fredricka whitfield is up next fredricka whitfield is up next hour. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >> of course he could do it, michael. welcome to "newsroom" i'm fredricka whitfield. we will focus on the economy and issues at home. barack obama is spending the day with the country's newest citizens where the president took part in a naturalization ceremony for members of the military, and homeland secretary janet napolitano swore them in, and tonight there will be a celebration on the north lawn at the white house. >>> and no power. that is the extremely uncomfortable position that people find themselves in after weekend storms knocked out power from il toile the nation's capital, and the most outages fi
west virginia. 5,000 homes are without air conditioning in the middle of a brutal heat wave. cnn's brian todd is there. >> fredricka, temperatures are spiking here in west virginia where it is to get up to 95, and well on the way to that right now. power is out for roughly one quarter to a third of the customers in west virginia, but some people in the more rural areas won't get it until the weekend and a key reason for that is right behind me, and this scene played out all throughout west virginia and downed trees are a huge problem for the power crews. this one came down and this oak tree snapped in half and came down on a power line here, and you can see the line it tripped here, and this line right here that it is still sitting on and the power officials told us that because this particular line has not hit the ground yet, it may be energized and that a real hazard for us and the power crews who come upon the scene here, and this tree, when it came down pretty much snapped this cable clean off and it disabled the power pole up there, and of course, that has a domino effect fo
. >>> for an expanded look at the top stories, head to our blog at cnn.com/earlystart. wave lot of stuff there for you. check it out. >>> we'll get them next year. that's more than a rallying cry for a lot of teams. that's how the americans feel about the economy. we'll explain coming up. beached whale! lawn clippings! a mattress. a sausage link. mermaid. honey!? driftwood. come on, you gotta help us out here a little. [ male announcer ] febreze eliminates odors and leaves carpets fresh. ♪ [ male announcer ] febreze. eliminates odors and leaves carpets fresh. ♪ the lines. the cost. the hassle. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] why not try coffee-mate? with over 25 delicious flavors for a fraction of the cost of the coffee house. add your flavor with coffee-mate, from nestle. nature valley trail mix bars are made with real ingredients you can see. like whole roasted nuts, chewy granola, and real fruit. nature valley trail mix bars. 100% natural. 100% delicious. 100% natural. you know what's exciting? graduation. when i look up into my students faces, i see pride. you know, i have done somet
days instead of having to pay them as overtime. red with cnn's chopper 2 this city's the to allow for the july fireworks this to fund- raisers. >>> the fourth of july celebration has already begun and one bay area community the knees and held its annual towards like parade tonight. dancers floats, and music acts roll down first streets. and then tomorrow the city hosts in a picnic in the park followed by fireworks. >>> to end tomorrow a is a federal holiday that support the july independence day but in san francisco they really don't care so when have to pay for parking it does not include the for the allies in monitoring holliday. any haven't smelled down your plans for tomorrow yet even had to website, we have for the allies of the july events listed in the eve of this for the july 8th. symbol of the fight for freedom faces the possibility of losing its home that is unless it starts paying at cbs five reporter kristin their shows us the main attraction at the rose rose to the river museum at and east by lawmakers says should be charged rent. >>> an independence day celebratio
to bring him back. there's only one problem. >> this is cnn's breaking news. >> the state-run middle east news agency in cairo is now reporting that hosni mubarak is clinically dead. >> he has had a stroke. he has had a stroke in his heart. he's had a heart attack. his heart has stopped. he has been dead. he's been in a coma. >> he's ling to life. >> hosni mubarak is on the brink of death. >> today his supporters say he's been taken off a respirator and it doing much better. >> it just so happens that his friends here he's only mostly dead. >> stephen: yes, hosni is a friend and the fact that he was dead last week really has me worried about his health. ( laughter ) hosni, your people need you. stay strong. stiff upper lip. well, stiff everything. ( laughter ) nation, i never throw caution to the wind. it will whip back into your eyes and blind you. this is the threat-down. ( cheers and applause ) first up, folks, i've never cared for penguins. too much dark meat. but now, i have a new reason to be repelled by these krill-sucking creeps. a natural history museum in england just unear
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with cnn. he was the white house executive producer. he helped to launch the show " the world today." he 1 two and the awards. he -- he 1 two emmy awards. let us hear from a republican in texas. hello. caller: hello. what oversight is over this? who decides how we are portrayed overseas as americans? is the content regulated? hello my short that the way i am being representative -- how am i assured that the way i am being representative is accurate? guest: oversight is by the broadcasting board of governors. it is a bipartisan board appointed by the president, confirmed by the senate. there are quite to republicans and four democrats. the ninth member of the board is the secretary of state. whichever administration is in power at the time has the deciding vote on the broadcasting board of governors. they are very responsive to both the administration, as well as some members of congress. our budget is determined through the congress. the president proposes the co, the congress disposes. they have the opportunity to put conditions on the money that they do appropriate. as far as how america
remains confused. and not just those who are watching cnn. according to a new poll released by the pew research center, only 55% of respondents were able to correctly answer that the supreme court upheld the majority of the law. 15% thought the court had rejected most of the provisions. a slightly higher number correctly answered in a poll from the kaiser foundation with 59% aware the law was upheld. joining knee mow is jerrold nadler congressman from the eighth district, one of the few and important voices of reason from our nation's capitol. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for the kind words. >> deserved and earned over many years fighting for justice in the capitol. let's begin with this supreme court opinion. i have said -- in a way it was a trojan horse. yes, we got the statute but embedded in it are constitutional changes. commerce claws first what do you think this means going forward in your capacity as a legislator to enact good legislation? >> i'm somewhat less concerned about the commerce clause
rigidhrow away. the study is mature country truly great. host: we saw a cnn peace earlier that said -- that acknowledged that america may not be the leader in some aspects whether it is education, or health care. is the third rail of american politics, they say america might not be the greatest country in the world. caller: i think it is very sad and it strikes me that it is juvenile. it is almost like little child who have to see their mother or father has a big god-like figure because they take care of them. in the world of adults, we can learn from people of other cultures. i want to mention to the person who said obama has lost our reputation, i travelled extensively. i was in nine countries last year and every one of them, people praised obama. he is very well-respected around the world. the people so unhappy with him, it is sad that have to be some negative when we have a president -- he is only one person. he is doing his best as far as i can tell to give his dignity as people. host: let's hear from maryland, a republican caller. caller: good morning. happy birthday to our co
. in washington, i'm karin caifa. -----end----- cnn.script----- it's beennopen less ttan a month...and it's already deemed a success. success.how much money the maryland live is akiig ii... and how much of it will go towards education. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3((breakk3)) ((bump in)) ((bump in)) 3 the 4th of july is a great &ptime to fire up the grill and get cooking. &pgracey along with chef david morning with more. more.- what are some good things to cookkon the grill?- what are you cooking por us today?- what are some other things you are cooking later today? today? for more information on nick's oyster bbr log on to fox baltimore dot coo slash morning . stiil without power thii mornin. mooning...how many are still in the dark... aadddealing with the heat... with out air c. conditioning.and find ut why the i-r-s is ramping up it's workforce... and hhring. morning news.. all local.. all 3&&pbaltimore's4th of july part. how police are trying to keep it safe.. tonight on foo 45 neww at ffve [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of th
.here's democratic house this past sunday on "meee he press."[cnn newsource sound po16su sluggedd"pelosi- heelthcare-not tax ááalready in share fileáá]sot n "it's a penalty that comessunder the tax code for the one perccnt perhaas of the population who deciie that they're going to be free riders, but most people.."trt=:09the phrase is making foo strange bedffllows. [graphii] mitt romney, wrott about 'free riders' in a 2000 opinion piece in usa today . romney said hii health care plan in massachussets ""ncouraaes 'free iders' to take responsiblityyfor themselves rather than pass othhrs."mary davis had not heard of 'free riders' untii now,,and she disdains what it stands for.[mary davis bite] stuff, somebody has to pay for it - it's coming from somebody."trt=:06for cooeman, ''ree riders' slides ooffthh tongge more easily than what easily than what the tongue to belleves it to be....a tax. a new rasmussen poll shows 52 percent of americaas want the healthcare laa repealed and that's virtually unchhnged from when the law was first passee. 3 ,3 3 3 33 3 3 actoo andy griffith -- who enttred m
the fireworks tonight. we appreciate it. >>> for information on how you can help, just go to cnn.com/impact. >>> and now to poppy har low for the rest of the day's stories. >> good morning, everyone. incredible, new, and heartbreaking video of an entire neighborhood going up in flames in colorado springs. you see sparks and flaming jumping from one roof to the next. firefighters forced to make the nearly impossible decision about which homes to save and which will have to burn. high winds keeping the fri firefighters on their toes. that waldo canyon fire is now 70% contained, but it has destroyed more than 350 homes, the damage topping $1 billion. >>> and an awful turn in new hampshire. seven people were hurt, including several children, when a pile of fireworks exploded on the backporch of a home in pellham, setting the back of the house on fire. several of the victims, children, had to are abe air li to the hospital. >>> and security will be very tight later today at fourth of july celebrations in washington, d.c., and new york. but law enforcement officials say there is no evi
in the battle grounds. even cnn has him behind mitt romney in battle grounds. and no one wants to talk about should barack obama's team do this. i don't know if it's fair to talk about mitt romney's team when they're neck and neck in the polls and he hadn't done anything wrong in the past few weeks. >> right. and this is a campaign being run out of massachusetts so there are a lot of consultants wanting in. but to change your campaign at this point would be so destabilizing and demoralizing. you want to reach out and grow your campaign is what i think i'm hearing eric say. but when you're in the real heat, that would be i think a terrible management decision. >> final word -- >> mitt romney should ignore people like jack welch and rupert murdoch. neither one have ever run for political office, they have never won. so the way you operate in business is different when it comes to politics. if you shake your team up, that's going to lead to another host of stories about saying you never trusted it. then it becomes this whole thing where it just eats yourself up. stick to your game plan. you mov
a gring cnn ner ifoo tinaby ibthwastou ll aowt be diisfaction. bears are satisfied with the government thaanytime you g nflict, anytime you'veot a a pun,prde wh g t happen in parts of north africa. so somalia we have been focused on for years and we are doing i think an adequate job forn d ks lrtou rialhe rtri'mttmoe ieou m nneouca nigeria. it tells you a lot about the al qaeda affiliates and our adversaries. if you k a te calua asll edio er o w,doni institutions. i believe that frica offers a lot of promise, a lot of opportunity if you look at the lianana.soof euie thdlat su growing, that is really challenging the status quo. i spent 10 years in africa's different countrs in some respects i'mvpsitibo afriutnogihe i evatty tid. u.eeo th look at the chinese, the indians and russians, others that are in their competing. in these capital markets and eeere rty. u.eeo nhe. itott u.it rn, mps yours, private enterprise, they goes into places like africa and affords the opportye pabilitiesor icto aisouory etere g k mean hsp t raluhatha ior ir al iemkere en cosswh seg eiization and interferi
certainly beat that drum. the question is whether it's resonating. we have a new cnn poll that came out over the last 24 hours in 15 battleground states that they are watching, and it shows that mitt romney leads the president right now 51% to 43%. so is this message not resonating? >> well, you know, i think the reality is we really mostly focused on whether people are resonating with their life and are they doing better off now, and it's a tough time. leading the country out of a recession, near depression, isn't easy. but we really have to say who's got the right answers. and is so we'll keep drilling home what the president is doing and keep reminding peoplehat smorm promising to go back to the bad old days, and there's absolutely nothing in his record that shows that he can do the sort of work that the president has done. mitt romney was 47th out of 50 states in massachusetts in job creation when he was governor. he's been an outsourcer in chief who has never shown an ability to really create hardworking jobs here in america. and so we'll keep making the case. i think the president's ma
." a former actor, white house correspondent and interviewer post for cnn, he now serves as director of the school of media and public affairs of the george washington university. please welcome that f -- please welcome back frank sesno. [applause] >> how are you? thank you very much. i am happy to be back to host this wonderful series on the revolutions of the 21st century. the internet and social media represent the most remarkable and transform a technologies we can imagine, certainly since the creation of the automobile, the telephone, the light pole, the newspaper, just about anything we can imagine. in a few short years, it has become impossible to think of life without these technologies. they have become utilities in our lives. what lies ahead? where is this all taking us? where might we end up? i'm here with three guests who studied this topic and committed this topic on just about every angle, from communications, journalism, security, safety, commerce, innovation, and on and on it goes. we will get started. it is great to see you all. it is a pleasure to be here. i thought
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